Commercial Property Tax Loans

Commercial Property Tax Loans

Texas Property Taxes

Tax Team Lending is always there to take care of your commercial property taxes with our low-interest property tax loans.

We are here to take off the extra layer of stress from your life that comes along with your commercial property taxes as it put a crimp on your business’s cash flow. Let us help you with a low-interest property tax loan. Conditions get worse as Texas property taxes are highest in the country. Penalties make the condition worse as up to 47% can be charged to your tax bill with an additional risk of losing your property to foreclosure. We are here to ensure you peace of mind and flow of business.

Tax Team Lending Is The Right Choice

Once you’ve secured a loan with us, we work directly with the county to pay off your property taxes. In the process, we create an affordable repayment plan that fits comfortably within the company’s budget, to help optimize your working capital.

We’re easy to work with & our payment terms are simple.

We offer more time to make your first payment than any other company. Plus, the interest on our loans is the lowest in the industry. In fact, if you find someone cheaper, we’ll give you $100.

Don’t allow the penalties on your unpaid property taxes—which can exceed 40% in the first year—to cripple your business.

Take advantage of a commercial property tax loan to keep your cash flow positive while providing you with the flexibility needed to run your business.

What we offer:

  • We offer property tax loans of all sizes
  • We have a team of experienced loan specialists to help you tailor a loan to suit your needs.
  • Alternative financing (i.e., commercial bridge loans)

Apply Online or Call To Speak To A Property Tax Loan specialist and GET STARTED Today!

Why Choose Tax Team Lending?

Tax Team Lending has built one of the strongest commercial property tax financing platforms to serve Texans.

We cater to all sizes properties, property types and locations in Texas.

  • No payments for up to twelve months
  • No credit report check
  • No cash due at closing

Unlike many of our competitors, Our property tax loans works are built to simplify your experience. We offer the lowest lending rates, guaranteed.

Don’t wait for your tax penalties to skyrocket and end up paying unwanted amount. Call us today and speak with our experienced loan offering to get started and get rid of the penalties.


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  • Chris S. M.
    Following our move to Texas, we were unprepared for the delinquency Tax Team Lending date. Set us up with a low interest loan, with no money down. Without them, we’d be in serious debt.
    Chris S. M.
    Austin TX Homeowner
  • Travis M.
    All it took was one call to Tax Team Lending for me to stop worrying about foreclosure. The loan process was trouble-free, and the terms fit my budget. Thank you, Tax Team Lending.
    Travis M.
    Austin Commercial Property Owner
  • Sunny W.
    I have been working with Tax Team Lending and their consumers for about 3 years now. They are thorough and speedy and provide great customer service! Top notch staff!
    Sunny W.
    Austin TX Commercial Property Owner