Property Tax Loans

Texas Property Tax Loans

Prevent Foreclosure with a Property Tax Loan

Property tax loan payment plans make it possible for residential and commercial property owners of Texas to prevent the incurring of punitive interest, taxes, fees and penalties by the taxing authority on their delinquent property taxes. Tax Team Lending will pay off your delinquent property taxes, penalties and interest in their entirety. Through a loan with our company, Texas property owners are able to take advantage of our low rates and flexible payment plans to comfortably pay off their debt.

What Happens If You Don’t Pay Your Property Taxes in Texas?

When your taxes become delinquent on February 1, the local taxing authority places a tax lien on your property. Because the taxing authority charges interest and penalties with each passing month, securing a payment solution quickly is a must.

Why Choose Tax Team Lending?

  • Low Monthly Payments
  • Lowest Rate Guarantee
  • Same Day Approvals
  • No Out Of Pocket Closing Costs
  • No Application Fee
  • Fast and Easy Closings
  • No Credit Report Checks

Tax Team Lending’s property tax payment plans provide Texas property owners with a more affordable option to the norm: huge lump-sum payments made to the taxing authority. Also, our payment plans are far more affordable to than those offered by the taxing authorities, which can charge annual penalties in excess of 47% of your tax bill.

The longer your taxes go unpaid, the more at risk you are of losing your property to foreclosure. Allow Tax Team Lending to remove the worry from this process by providing you with a payment-friendly loan.

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