Texas Real Estate Protesting

Texas Real Estate Protesting

Tax Team Lending is a leading real estate valuation services provider in the state of Texas. We have over 10+ years of experience working with residential and commercial property owners and providing them unsurpassed services. We always aim to deliver professional & cost-effective service to reduce their property tax liabilities.

What Is Real Estate Tax Protesting?

If you have received a notice from your county appraisal district related to the appraised value of your property, this means you will have to pay higher property taxes as well. If you believe the increased value is too high then you have the right to appeal your property value and pay lower property taxes. State law suggests a procedure to protest the new appraised value of your property. Real estate tax protesting process needs to be handled by a licensed tax consultant in the State of Texas.

Average 21% Savings By Protesting! Remember If We Can't Save... You Don't Pay

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Our team will protest your real taxes and help you lower your property taxes.

You pay lower taxes on your residential or commercial property.

Commercial and Residential Real Estate Protesting Texas


  • Historical Average Savings 21%
  • Strong Advocate To Represent You In Negotiating the correct assessment with the County
  • Methodical Market Studies and Powerful analytics that prove the correct value to the County
  • We cover all protesting expensive (travel, hearings, market analysis, everything)
  • 25.25 D Experts on Property Tax Refunds
  • Only Lending Firm that Protests
  • Proven Protesting Results


  • 3rd highest property taxes in the country
  • Counties have increased property tax collections by upto 10%
  • Influx of people and companies moving to Texas is potentially driving UP property taxes
  • The County has been known for over assessing the value
  • The Counties Fight Tax Reform
  • Don’t Fight Them Alone

What Are The Texas Property Taxpayer Bill Of Right?

1. YOU HAVE THE RIGHT to equal and uniform taxation.
2. YOU HAVE THE RIGHT to ensure that your property is appraised uniformly with similar property in your country.
3. YOU HAVE THE RIGHT to have your property appraised according to generally accepted appraisal methods and techniques and other requirements of law.
4. YOU HAVE THE RIGHT to receive exceptions or other tax relief for which you qualify and apply timely.
5. YOU HAVE THE RIGHT to notice of property value increases, exemption charges, and estimated tax amounts.

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